Close-up of Noble Fellows “Baron Betsy Chardonnay Marlborough 2018” wine label design by Our Revolution featuring a Renaissance portrait of a cow wearing historical clothing Jen DoranWoman opening a bamboo steaming basket revealing boxes of Brendan Pang’s dumplings. Packaging design by Sydney design studio Our Revolution.Packaging design of a bottle of rum lying in the sand with brand and packaging design by agency Our Revolution design agency in Sydney and LondonTwo people enjoying Chobani yogurt by packaging design agency Our Revolution Sydney London Jen DoranGummy brand poster design on urban street designed by creative brand agency Our Revolution for That Hippie Co.Woman in bright clothing holding a jar of Goulburn Valley, showing the rebrand by packaging design agency Our RevolutionChobani Greek Yogurt packaging design by Our Revolution branding agency in Sydney and London with colourful retro breakfast art direction Jen Doran  Primo meat brand design by Our Revolution with a salami sandwich with text “Yummm!”Two bottles of tequila laying on rich red soil brand and packaging design by Our Revolution design agency in Sydney and LondonColourful contemporary illustration by Our Revolution for alcoholic seltzer brand Liberty Coast, covered in water dropletsHans rebrand by brand design agency Our Revolution featuring vintage navy ink illustration on textured paper showing a man on a bicycle holding a roll of Hans salami
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6 September 2023

Why Is Packaging Design Important?

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In the bustling realm of consumerism, where products vie for attention amidst vast choice, there is a discreet art - the art of packaging design. It is more than a box or bottle; it is a strategic and artistic endeavour that captures brand identity, consumer engagement, and product preservation. Here we delve into the subtle yet profound importance of packaging design, its purpose, the role of packaging design agencies, and the delicate craft of designing packaging that resonates with consumers.

Why is packaging design important? Our Revolution describe their expertise and design work for Chobani

What is the Purpose of Packaging Design?

The Ambassador of First Impressions: Packaging often stands as the first ambassador of a product, introducing it to the discerning gaze of the consumer. It sets the initial tone of the consumer's encounter. A thoughtfully designed package can convey the essence of quality, trustworthiness, and uniqueness. When creating a new brand for a yerba mate energy drink called Yerbi, we knew first impressions were critical to ensure people understood what the drink was and what the drink could do. From naming, to graphic execution with new distinctive brand assets, the packaging design creates impact at shelf and captures attention. The Extension of Brand Identity: Packaging design serves as an extension of a brand's identity. It is a visual manifestation of brand values and principles. Consistency in design across product lines nurtures brand recognition and fosters trust. For example, when it comes to meat brands there are plenty out there. When we reinvigorated the masterbrand of smallgoods brand Primo, we wanted its presence to pack a punch on shelf whilst still have the flexibility to be adapted across a wide and varied portfolio of products. The Communicator of Information: Beyond aesthetics, packaging design serves a functional role as an information communicator. It can convey essential details such as nutritional facts or usage instructions, enabling consumers to make informed choices. The Catalyst for Differentiation: In a saturated marketplace, packaging design emerges as a subtle yet potent differentiator. A design that is distinctive, aesthetically pleasing, and magnetic can elevate a product above the noise of its competitors. The Guardian of Practicality: Packaging must not only be visually appealing but also serve the practical purpose of safeguarding the product during transportation and storage. It should be functional, convenient, and efficient.

Why is packaging design important? Our Revolution describe their expertise and design work for Chobani

What Does a Packaging Design Agency Do?

Our Revolution specialises in packaging design, so we are of course biased when it comes to explaining what packaging agencies do. Below we have captured some of the specific skills you can expect when working with an expert packaging design agency. The Pursuit of Insight: Packaging agencies delve into the depths of consumer preferences, market trends, and the designs of competitors. This knowledge informs our design decisions. The Architects of Creativity: Our team of talented designers craft packaging that transcends the ordinary yet still resonate with the intended audience. The Pioneers of Prototyping: Prototypes are our experiments, allowing them to fine-tune both functionality and aesthetics. These iterations ensure the package's harmony with real-world use. The Keepers of Compliance: We remain vigilant, interpreting and adhering to regulatory requirements, ensuring that our designs meet the necessary standards and regulations. For example, those GS1 barcodes!

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What Should Successful Packaging Design Do For Your Brand?

Packaging design is a subtle yet potent conductor when it comes to the commercial success of your brand. It is crucial to orchestrating the interaction between your brand and your consumers. More than aesthetics; packaging design is a nuanced language through which brands communicate with their audience. By engaging the expertise of a packaging design agency, and following a thoughtful design process, brands can create packaging that resonates with the deeper sensibilities of a consumers desire, helping their brands to grow and thrive.

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