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11 January 2023

Oat So Chobani

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Chobani, the number one yogurt brand, recently launched their new oat milk and yogurt range to offer delicious and nutritious alternatives to dairy products. In order to successfully introduce this new product to the market, Chobani enlisted the help of Our Revolution to create a creative campaign that would appeal to flexitarians, who are looking to reduce their dairy consumption but still want the taste and benefits that dairy products offer.

The Challenge

The challenge for Our Revolution was to create a campaign that would truly showcase the taste and sensory delivery of Chobani's oat milk and yogurt. This was crucial, as taste and texture are often key barriers for consumers looking to try non-dairy products. In addition, the campaign needed to educate consumers on the benefits of oat milk and yogurt, whilst also being memorable and distinctive, building equity in assets to identify the range and have longevity for future use.

The Solution

Since Our Revolution created Chobani’s consumer brand strategy, we used this as a springboard to connect the creative expression of the new campaign to the brand's overall vision. One of the key elements of the campaign was enhancing the playful and whimsical illustrations used on the packaging design. These illustrations were expanded to create a charming "Chobani Oat-iful" world that brought to life the visual assets of the range, making it instantly recognisable and memorable. The campaign also expressed playful and melodic copy that captures the deliciousness of Chobani's oat milk and yogurt, sharing its suitability for all occasions and choices.

By creating a campaign that focused on taste and texture, educated consumers on the benefits of oat milk and yogurt, and was memorable and distinctive, Our Revolution helped Chobani successfully introduce their new oat milk and yogurt range to the market. We created additional guidelines regarding the assets used in the campaign to give the Chobani Team principles to follow when living with this unique and engaging range identity in the future.

Overall, the campaign helped Chobani to connect with the flexitarian target group, educate and inform them about the oat milk and yogurt range, making it more desirable to them by focusing on the enjoyment cues they are looking for.

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