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23 January 2023

Why Do We Love Watching People 'Unbox' Stuff?

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The Unboxing Experience

Packaging design is a big part of what we do at Our Revolution. So we understand first hand the experience of opening up packaging and the enjoyment it can elicit. But what is particularly intriguing is the worlds increasing desire to watch other people open packaging - enter the ‘unboxing’ content genre.

If you've ever found yourself watching an unboxing video and feeling a sense of satisfaction as you watch someone carefully remove a product from its packaging, you're not alone. Unboxing videos have become such a popular theme that many influencers have made a career out of them. Some of these creators have built large followings by consistently posting new unboxing videos, often featuring a wide variety of products.

With ‘unboxing’ content now a form of entertainment, it has gone from novelty to influential marketing tool. But why does it capture our attention? Curiosity. Unboxing videos practically give people a chance to see what's inside a product before they decide to buy it. This can be helpful before making a purchase commitment. FOMO. Watching unboxing videos out of fear of missing out because you are unable to purchase a certain product means watching unboxing videos is a way to vicariously experience the excitement of receiving and opening the product. This in particular applies to luxury products. Whether it be beauty products, high-end handbag, limited release sneakers, getting to watch and hear the narration of someone opening a coveted product and brand we desire lets us enjoy it second-hand. Yet a more sub-conscious reason is gratification. For some, there is something weirdly satisfying about watching a product being carefully removed from its packaging, especially if you're a fan of a particular brand or product. The sense of anticipation that comes with watching the unboxing of something new can be enjoyable in and of itself. Add the enthusiasm of the person doing the unboxing and this excitement can be infectious. Deeper down the unboxing rabbit hole is the addition of ASMR. ASMR is the term for the sensation people get when they watch a video that includes sensorial qualities of sound. It can give the susceptible listener a tingling sensation or even help them fall asleep. The feeling of ASMR can come from various triggers - unboxing videos are a big one. So now not just a visual engagement, the sound of unboxing packaging can entice people just as much. From tech to toys, there is an unboxing video for all persuasions. This means there are a pleather of opportunities for brands to continue the experience and engagement after purchase for both the consumer of the packaging and the second hand voyeur as well. A memorable unboxing experience is a moment to tell your brand story, reiterate your brands positioning and bring increased awareness and loyalty.

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