Close-up of Noble Fellows “Baron Betsy Chardonnay Marlborough 2018” wine label design by Our Revolution featuring a Renaissance portrait of a cow wearing historical clothing Jen DoranWoman opening a bamboo steaming basket revealing boxes of Brendan Pang’s dumplings. Packaging design by Sydney design studio Our Revolution.Packaging design of a bottle of rum lying in the sand with brand and packaging design by agency Our Revolution design agency in Sydney and LondonTwo people enjoying Chobani yogurt by packaging design agency Our Revolution Sydney London Jen DoranGummy brand poster design on urban street designed by creative brand agency Our Revolution for That Hippie Co.Woman in bright clothing holding a jar of Goulburn Valley, showing the rebrand by packaging design agency Our RevolutionChobani Greek Yogurt packaging design by Our Revolution branding agency in Sydney and London with colourful retro breakfast art direction Jen Doran  Primo meat brand design by Our Revolution with a salami sandwich with text “Yummm!”Two bottles of tequila laying on rich red soil brand and packaging design by Our Revolution design agency in Sydney and LondonColourful contemporary illustration by Our Revolution for alcoholic seltzer brand Liberty Coast, covered in water dropletsHans rebrand by brand design agency Our Revolution featuring vintage navy ink illustration on textured paper showing a man on a bicycle holding a roll of Hans salami
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24 August 2023

Designing For Better Sleep With UTS

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Designing For Better Sleep

Earlier this year Our Revolution collaborated with the talented Visual Communication students of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). We created a unique industry-led brief that challenged the students to design a new sleep-aid consumer brand. Our intention was to create a brief that gave the opportunity to improve a need we all have - quality sleep. It is essential for everyone. When it is compromised, it can affect our physical and mental well-being. With the rise of digital technologies and a fast-paced lifestyle, many people struggle to get enough restful sleep, leading to a host of negative consequences.

As designers, we tasked the UTS students to create a brand identity with product packaging design for a sleep aid product that helps people get the restful sleep they need to lead a healthy, productive life. We gave them a selection of products to choice from in order to build their brand around. From eye masks to weighted blankets, the students selected a product and conceptualised all aspects of the brand such as brand naming, brand identity, product features, packaging design and communication ideas.

Over a two month period, the Our Revolution team spent time with the students to guide them on their creative approach and develop their concepts. The culmination of the partnership was a presentation given by the students to reveal their final creative results. Each presentation was a testament to their dedication to the brief and creative ability. Here we’ve highlighted some of our favourite projects.

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